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Snake Gate

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  • Snakegate BAR-12-003

    Catalog number: BAR-12-003 – Item code: 114000019

    The StageDex SnakeGate is a specially designed barrier to accommodate the transit of your cables (“snake”) from the stage to front of house (FOH). The special designed gate leaves enough room in width and height for any type of standard cable ramp to pass through the barrier line. The integrated door facilitates access from the stage to FOH for working technicians or security personnel.

  • SnakeGate BAR-12-004

    Catalog number: BAR-12-004 – Item code: 114000020

    The SnakeGate barrier facilitates the transit of you cables (snake) from the FOH to the main stage. The SnakeGate can accommodate any type of cable ramp, the integrated door gives easy access for technicians or security personnel.