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Tunnel Roof

System description The Tunnel Roof is a fixed construction, based on inward-curving trusses that form a complete arch. The Tunnel Roof is available in two sizes: 12 m stage width combined with an arch 6 m height, or a 16 m stage width combined with an arch of 8 m height. The depth of the stage can be varied in 2 or 3 m bay sections. Each 5th section must be stiffened by guy-wires or similar support method. There is no limit to the depth of the stage. Special adapters provide a connection between the stage floor and the truss arches. The Tunnel Roof combines very well with a StageDex stage as well as with an EasyFrame B support frame or Probeam. The arch connections are integrated in the stage floor, making it possible to use the weight of the stage as ballast for the roof. The arched trusses have a keder profile on top for fitting an optional canopy. Due to the arched construction, the Tunnel Roof is both very compact and strong.

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Technical specifications

Basic trussing Grid – H30D arched truss (12 m roof) – with keder profile H40V arched truss (16 m roof) – with keder profile Including • Tension gear and steel wires • Comprehensive building manual • Structural report