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Space Roof

System Description

The Space Roof is a moduylar roof system based on a space frame structure. The roof can be suspended from standard Prolyte CT towers. The aluminium profiles combine with special node points to create a roof structure of any desired size or shape. The Space Roof can be built up to 37 x 22 meters in size. The specially designed top canopy guarantees efficient water drainage. Due to the complexity and size of the Space Roof, quotations are made on request only, allowing us to match your requirements with the possibilities this system offers.

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  • Modular roof system, modular sizes possible
  • Extremely high load-bearing capacity
  • Efficient transportation due to very compact transport volume (approximately 1/6th of a comparable truss roof)
  • Integrated rigging points
  • Safe and easy rigging access due to 2 meter high frame and 8 centimeter wide profiles.
  • Measurements comply with standard scaffolding systems
  • Stage sub-structure needs minimum amount of diagonals, allowing for easy creation of corridors underneath

Technical specifications

Basic Structure
The standard tower for the Space Roof is the C52T Tower and the grid consists of the space frame.


  • Tension gear and steel wires
  • Structural report according to DIN 4112 / EN13814 C
  • Ballast solution
  • Rain gutter at front side