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Steel Baseplate 30-40 Series Black Coated

Catalog number: BASE-30-40-RS-BC – Item code: 111500068

Prolyte Group has extended its standard range of accessories with steel baseplates.

Steel baseplates are used to counterbalance goalpost structures or columns and are the ideal solution for truss poles with a lighting fixture on top.

The steel baseplates are standard available in a round version as well as a square version. The plates are suited for all 30- and 40 series truss in triangular, square and rectangular shapes. Each plate has two reinforced grips, which makes them easier to handle.

The baseplates are standard available in a black-coated version or a galvanized version. Each plate is delivered including 4 male receivers (CCS6-602) and 4 countersunk bolts (BM-M12x030-IB CS) to connect them to the plate.

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