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Arc Roof

System Description The Arc Roof is a fixed construction, based on three inward-curving trusses that are mounted to side masts. A hinged connection at the outer ends simplifies system setup. Special corners connect the arches to the main grid. Different configurations are made possible by simply changing the arches. The arched trusses have a keder profile on top for fitting the optional canopy.

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Hinged Arc roof Prolyte has developed a very clever variation to its existing Arc Roof – a hinged system. The hinged construction on the mast sections allows for construction at stage level, cutting build times and improving safety during build-up. When the complete roof is built and the canopies are in position, the entire structure can then be hoisted into position, using two manual chain hoists connected to the towers at the rear. Once the roof is lifted into place, 8 additional pins are used to secure the hinges in the masts thereby securing the complete system.

Technical specifications

Basic trussing Tower – MPT base sections, H30V truss Grid:H30D arched truss – with keder profile Including • Tension gear and steel wires • Comprehensive building manual • Structural report