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With its cult status as a technical bible for technicians all over the globe, the Prolyte BlackBook is a must read. It contains a wealth of technical information, do’s and don’ts and practical tips and tricks.

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Prolyte is delighted to announce that all its truss systems are now TUV certified following the new Eurocode regulations. 

After obtaining the EN1090 Certification for Factory Production control (EXC3) for its manufacturing process in 2014, this was the next step in the process to become fully compliant with the latest regulations and standards.

For Prolyte its paramount that their customers can rely on the security of buying not only products of the highest quality but also tested and certified to the latest standards and regulations.

After a full recalculation of all its truss systems according to Eurocode in 2014, Prolyte applied for the TUV certification in 2014. Since some loading tables are extended up to 20 meter the TUV demanded new tests in december 2014.

With successful tests and an official go on passing the procedure from the TUV, the only thing left was to wait for the certificates to be released.

Download the TUV Certificates and the Production certificates here:




Dock Stage Flyer page_1_thumb_medium.73216194 Truaa Carrier Flyer page_1_thumb_medium.37e8c717 Truss Dolly Flyer page_1_thumb_medium.0d64be7e H20 LB page_1_thumb_medium.e7883dc1
Dock Stage Flyer   Truss Carrier Flyer  Truss Dolly Flyer H20LB Truss Flyer 
H40R MPT page_1_thumb_medium.20c66d12 Blast Frame page_1_thumb_medium.123fa9cd Hinger ARc Roof page_1_thumb_medium.1630742f PreRig Truss page_1_thumb_medium.1630742f
 H40R MPT Adapter Flyer  Ballast Frame Flyer  Hinged Arc Roof Flyer PreRigTruss 
H40R Truss page_1_thumb_medium.d17e24fc Prolyft Hoists page_1_thumb_medium.b9770264 Prolyft Controllers page_1_thumb_medium.bc5f6fe0  
 H40R Truss Flyer ProLyft Hoists Flyer ProLyft Controllers Flyer   
Click-on Profiles page_1_thumb_medium.7cb0438d dB Deck page_1_thumb_medium.f3d082e6 StageDex Dollies page_1_thumb_medium.ca50e344 LineUpGate page_1_thumb_medium.f183d075
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 Aetos manual page_1_thumb_medium.db815280 Prolyft Theatre page_1_thumb_medium.7ebbe72f PileWindWinch page_1_thumb_medium.b9f5b7fc  
 Aetos Manual Hoist Flyer ProLyft Theatre Products Flyer  PileWindWinch Flyer